Our Fleet

Our Yachts are the Best Equipped Sail Training Vessels in South Africa.


                             “34º South” - Farr 38                                                         “Hocus Pocus” - Farr 38


                   “Donna Mia” - Oyster Lightwave 395                                             “Aurora” - Atlantic 49



“Our primary consideration is safety”

The navigation equipment includes: 

RADAR: Radar is an object-detection system which uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects.

MARPA: Mini-automatic Radar Plotting Aid is a Radar feature for target tracking and collision avoidance.

AIS: The Automatic Identification System is a system used for identifying and locating vessels by electronically exchanging data with other nearby ships and AIS Base stations.
AIS information supplements the Marine Radar.

GPS: The Global Positioning System is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth.

Chartplotter: A Chartplotter is a device that integrates GPS data with an electronic navigational chart. The chartplotter displays the Chart along with the position, heading and speed of the ship, as well as additional information from Radar and AIS.

Our Safety Equipment includes Liferafts, Drogues and Sea Anchors in addition to the RYA and SAMSA prescribed safety equipment.


Our Fleet

We carry a Full Inventory of Sails – Including:

Main Sail: The largest Upwind Sail set aft of the Main Mast. The Main is considered to be the Power Source of any Yacht, it is also the most easily controlled sail on a yacht as it is accessible from the Cockpit.

Genoa: A Large Headsail at the Bow which overlaps the Mast.  

Spinnakers: A Large rounded Sail at the Bow of the Yacht, There are two types of spinnaker: asymmetric and symmetric. Asymmetric spinnakers are flown from a bowsprit fitted to the bow of the boat, whereas Symmetric spinnakers use a pole fitted to the front of the mast - the symmetry refers to their shape.

Storm Jibs: A Specialised Jib Sail at the Bow of the Yacht made for stormy weather.

Roller Furlers: A rotating drum which will role the Genoa or Jib Sails around the Forestay. The Sails can then be made smaller or larger from the Cockpit.



Our 3 Flying Fifteen Keelboats

Yachtmaster Sailing School is the first and currently only RYA Training Center in South African to use these fast and fun 6m racing yachts as Training Aids.
They ensure that you learn wind awareness, sail trim and boat handling.

All the top sailors have experience in small racing yachts and we believe that this is an essential part of any sailor's training and experience.  

This experience will stand you in good stead in all your sailing and particularly when inevitably you face up to heavy weather in a big boat.
You will be able to match your skills against your fellow students and experience the joy and excitement of sailing and racing a small high performance yacht.

"Foxtrot Four"

Foxtrot 4

"Full Force"

full Force

"Fire Fly"

Fire Fly


"Islander" - RIB

Islander EDIT2  



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