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Yachtmaster Instructors

We take great care in choosing our instructors who are all fully qualified and highly experienced RYA and SAS Yachtmaster Instructors.
We guarantee that you will be treated fairly and with respect throughout.

Alex Cousins – Principal

Alex Cousins - Principal                  


SAMSA Yachtmaster Ocean Unlimited
SAS Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor
SAS Yachtmaster Ocean Examiner
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Examiner
RYA Power Boat Level II Instructor
RYA Advanced Power Boat CoC
RYA Radar Instructor
RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Instructor
RYA Short Range Radio Assessor

About Him:

Cape Town born, he has sailed all his life, starting at RCYC on his grandfather's yacht, "Acushla".
Alex has been involved in sail training for over 19 years and during that time has put in more time on the water than any other instructor in the Cape.

Our Students attest to his patience and knowledge as a sailing Instructor. Alex holds a BSc in Civil Engineering and the Pilots Flying Badge – General Duties, South African Air Force.


Andre de Ridder - Chief Instructor

Andre de Ridder - YMI                      


SAS Coastal CoC
SAMSA Under 25 Tonne CoC
SAMSA under 9M Power with surf launching endorsement
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Sail
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Power
RYA Powerboat Level II Instructor
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Power & Sail
RYA Radar Instructor
RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Instructor
RYA Short Range Radio Instructor

About Him:

Born in Johannesburg, Andre spent most of his time on the coast doing various water based activities.
He started boating around age 5 and has always "longed for the next time I could get out on the water."
He is dedicated to teaching, a drive for knowledge and experience and enjoys the water more than anything else.  
In his spare time he likes to go motorcycle riding and enjoys adventure sports, scuba diving, water skiing, Sailing, and cooking.
"I love the company I work for and the people that work with me"


Andre Olivier – Instructor

Andre Olivier - YMI  


SAS Yachtmaster Ocean CoC
SAMSA Yachtmaster Ocean CoC
SAS Coastal Examiner
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Sail
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean CoC
RYA Radar Instructor
RYA Short Range Radio Instructor

About Him:

As a kid Andre did a little sailing with his grandfather around Cape Town and also helped his father build a dinghy.
He next sailed out of Brighton in the UK on a gaff rigged pilot cutter for about two years taking disabled kids around the French coast and the Channel Islands.

Andre has been Instructing for the last seven years with the occasional delivery thrown in. He is almost finished building his own 32 foot sailing boat.


Dylan Kotze - Instructor



RYA Cruising Instructor
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean
SAS Yachtmaster Ocean
SAMSA under 25 tonne commercial unlimited
SAMSA <9m power with surf launch endorsement
PADI instructor

About Him:

Dylan has a potent blend of sailing and educating experience, which can be seen in his passionate and patient approach to his instructing.
He got his first taste of the yachting world when he walked the docks in the south of France in 2002.
He joined Yachtmaster Sailing School in 2014 after skippering his family yacht in Cape Town, working as a diving instructor in Mozambique and as a travel photographer for Getaway magazine.


Rob Payne – Instructor

Rob Payne - Theory Inst                             


SAS Yachtmaster Offshore
RYA Cruising Instructor
RYA Shorebased Instructor
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore CoC
RYA Radar Instructor
RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Instructor
RYA Short Range Radio Assessor
SAMSA >9m Offshore (Commerical) Certificate of Competence

About Him:

Rob started windsurfing on Midmar Dam in the early nineties and then moved on to sailing a Hobie 16 (still the avid Hobie sailor!).
Having moved to Cape Town in 2000 he moved onto keelboats and started instructing in 2002.
He has about 9,000 miles under his belt, which includes coastal sailing between Saldanha and Port Elizabeth, and bareboat sailing in Seychelles, Croatia and Turkey.


Late Henton Jaaback - Founder

Henton Jaaback2 


RYA Yachtmaster Examiner Power
RYA Yachtmaster Examiner Sail
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Examiner (Sail and Power)

About Him:

Sailing since 1956 and instructing since 1986, Henton first instructed at and became the principal of Ocean Sailing Academy in Durban.
Then he started as Principal at Intec Maritime Academy for tuition by correspondence as well as the RYA and SAS Yachtmaster Ocean and Instructor certificates, being the first RYA Instructor in South Africa since 1988 and first RYA examiner in the Southern Hemisphere! As a Deck Officer Class 5 he carried over 150 passengers on power vessels. He was also the RCYC and Cape Town Senior Safety Officer from 1991 to 2004. Henton is the author of a number of publications, books and CD's on sailing and sail training.


Office Staff


Carina Damons – Sales & Marketing Manager


Carina is your first point of contact with Yachtmaster Sailing School. She will provide you with professional advise on which course will best suit your needs and guide you in the right direction.

Olga van Bueren – Certification Department

  All student administration is dealt with by Olga who also provides the students with their programs for their course and is always ready to help the students with any queries!

Diana Cousins – Office Support Manager


Wife of Alex Cousins and One of the First Office Administrators, Di now Spends her days as Student Liaison for Yachtmaster Sailing School. She takes care of the Students from the time they set foot on our soil.




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