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To start from the beginning, no experience required.

The 5 Week Entry Level Career Package includes the following courses:

  1. RYA Day Skipper Package ie:
    • RYA Competent Crew Practical – 5 days on board – basic skills
    • RYA SRC VHF Radio – 1 day shore based training in our classroom
    • RYA Day Skipper Theory – 6 days shore based training in our classroom
    • RYA Day Skipper Practical – 5 days on board – Day Skipper Skills – this will allow you 20 nautical miles from a safe port, in good weather, during the day only.
  2. YOA SuperYacht Deckhand – see below3.
  3. RYA Powerboat Level 2 – 2 days on board
  4. STCW – 11 days – 11 days shore based courses which includes, Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid, PST and life raft skills, PSSR, Designated Security Duties.
5 Weeks

Fees: ZAR51,600.00


Please contact our office:


Landline: +27 21 788 1009

Mobile: +27 82 088 7186 – WhatsApp welcome (please include your name)

Accommodation and meals on all practical courses

Transport to Saldanha and back from Royal Cape Yacht Club for practical courses

All necessary tools and equipment (on loan)

Meals and accommodation during shore based courses and time off.


RYA/MCA Competent Crew Practical
During this essential introductory course, you will be introduced to the wonderful world of sailing! The aim is to build a solid foundation in the correct procedures, including safety, seamanship, rope work, knots, splicing and helmsman-ship that will equip you with all you need to be a competent crew member. You’ll also be exposed to the latest sailing terminology and learn many different approaches and techniques.

Duration: 5 days

This includes:
• Sea terms and parts of a boat, her rigging and sails
• Sail handling
• Ropework
• Safety on board
• Personal Safety Equipment
• Man Overboard
• Emergency Equipment
• Manners and Customs
• Rules of the Road
• Tender Usage
• Meteorology
• Seasickness
• Helmsmanship and Sailing
• General Duties


RYA/MCA Day Skipper Theory (Sail and Motor Cruising)
This is an introductory course to the many theoretical parts of sailing. During the course, you will be introduced to all subjects needed for you to get back on the water and further your development as a competent yachtsmen and Skipper.

Duration: 6 Days

The Course includes:
• Nautical Terms
• Ropework
• Anchor work
• Safety
• International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
• Definition of Position, Course and Speed
• Navigational Charts and Publications
• Navigational drawing Instruments
• Magnetic Compass
• Chartwork and Navigation – Traditional and Electronic
• Tides and Tidal Streams
• Visual aids to Navigation
• Meteorology
• Passage Planning
• Navigation in Restricted Visibility
• Pilotage
• Marine environment


RYA/MCA Day Skipper Practical
During this course, you will learn to Skipper the boat and Manage crew. You will get the chance to put your navigational and skippering ability to practice.
This course is important in that it’s the first step and introduction to the amazing world of navigation, Skippering and seamanship!

Duration: 5 days

This Course includes:
• Preparation for Sea
• Deck Work
• Navigation
• Pilotage
• Meteorology
• Rules of the Road
• Maintenance and Repair Work
• Engines
• Victualling
• Emergency Situations
• Handling under Sail and Motor
• Yacht Handling under Sail (Sail Only)
• Passage-making
• Night Cruising


RYA/MCA VHF Radio Operation SRC (Short Range Certificate)
A radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board and it is vital to understand the correct procedures. If you own a marine radio hand held or fixed set, you are required by law to hold an operator’s license. This course will teach you the basics of operating and understanding a VHF radio on board a vessel.

We use modified VHF training Radio’s produced by ICOM and SIMRAD. These have been modified so that transmissions are suppressed.

Duration: 1 day

The Course Includes:
• How Radio works
• Radio rules and regulations
• Operating a marine VHF radio
• VHF channels and channel allocations
• Voice procedures
• Distress
• Digital selective calling / Introduction and routine calls
• DSC / Distress Urgency and Safety
• Phonetic Alphabet
• Licensing guidelines
• Troubleshooting


RYA/MCA Powerboat Level II
During your sailing or career, you are bound to encounter small open boats such as RIBs, sports boats and small launches. That is why this course is vital for learning the fundamentals of Skippering a powerboat – a capability and qualification is invaluable on vessels carrying dinghies and tenders.

Duration: 2 days

This Course Includes:
• Personal Buoyancy and Clothing
• Parts of the Boat
• Types of Craft
• Engines and Drives
• Boat Controls
• Crew and Ropework
• Trailing and Launching
• Boat Handling
• Turning
• Coming Alongside
• Leaving
• Mooring Buoys
• Anchoring
• Collision Regulations
• Day Shapes and Lights
• Man Overboard
• Summoning Assistance
• Navigation
• Passage Planning and Pilotage


YOA SuperYacht Deckhand
This course has been designed to provide you with the skills and background knowledge needed to be successful as a deckhand on any yacht around the world. As a deck hand, you will be responsible for maintenance, mooring and cargo handling as well as guest relations.

This includes:
• Super yachting industry
• deck maintenance skills (filing and fairing, varnishing, teak-oiling, priming, deck acid)
• Wash Downs
• General deck hand duties
• Anchoring
• Water sports
• Watch keeping
• Line handling and safety drills.
• Familiarization with crew houses, crewing agencies and job finding techniques, offshore bank accounts

Duration: 3-4 days


STCW certificates are internationally recognized marine safety certificates, which are required to work on commercial vessels in any maritime industry.

The modules include
• Elementary First Aid
• Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
• Personal Survival Techniques with Proficiency in Life Rafts
• Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
• Proficiency in Designated Security Duties

Duration: 11 days

Contact us on +27 21 788 1009 or email if you would like to join the 18 Week RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Career package or for just this course

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