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Assuming you are up to Day Skipper level of Competence and have all the required mileage under sail and in tidal waters then you can join our 5 Week RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Upgrade Course

The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Exam thoroughly tests the Skipper’s ability and can therefore appear daunting to potential candidates, but well-prepared Skippers with the Proper Experience and Training need not worry. With practice and preparation, you should be able to relax sufficiently to let your skills shine through any Exam nerves.

The content of the RYA Day Skipper Theory & Practical Weeks are Vital as these are the foundation of your training and are needed to ensure that your Boat handling (including picking up a mooring and man over board) and Theoretical knowledge (including Chartwork, COLREGS and Meteorology) are up to standard in order to continue to an RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Standard.

We need to be sure that you are ready to start at RYA Coastal/Offshore Theory and that you know how to work out CTS and Depth and Dr/EP. If you feel you’re not ready to start at RYA Coastal Level, we recommend that you start with RYA Day Skipper Theory.

Pre-Exam Requirements for RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail Exam:
• 50 Days Sea Time.
• 5 Days as Skipper.
• 2500 Nautical Miles – Half of which must be in Tidal Waters under sail.
• 5 Passages over 60nm, including 2 Overnight and 2 as the Skipper.
• NB: (You need to already have 1 x 60nm passage as Skipper Before joining the Upgrade – or if you don’t already have a 60-mile passage as skipper, then you can join another Coastal Practical or Mileage trip).
• A Copy of First Aid Certificate
• A Copy of your RYA SRC VHF Radio Certificate
• A Copy of your RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Theory Course Completion Certificate
• Logbook to Show Mileage to Examiner
• 6 Passport Size Colour Photos
• Credit Card Details for your RYA fees for your RYA Certificates.

For your Mileage to be Accepted by the RYA:
– Your mileage needs to be from within the last 10 years which must be logged and signed off by the Skipper.
– Your mileage needs to be gained Under Sail on a Sailing Yacht and you also need tidal miles (ie not all gained in the Med)
– The Sailing yacht needs to be less than 24m / 79ft or 200gt

RYA Commercial Endorsement

Should you want your RYA Certificate of Competence endorsed for work on Commercial Vessels you are required to have the following:

The full STCW Courses:

  • Elementary First Aid at Sea
  • Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility at Sea
  • Personal Survival Techniques with Proficiency in Life Raft
  • Designated Security Duties

The ENG 1 Medical Examination

RYA Online PPR (Personal Practices and Social Responsibility) test – we can assist you with this


RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory

RYA Radar

RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Navigational Practical

Mile Building and Skills Development – 1 or 2 weeks

5 days Preparation & 2 days RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Exam


Please contact our office:


Landline: +27 21 788 1009

Mobile: +27 82 088 7186 (WhatsApp welcome – please include name)

Use of RYA Reference Books and navigation equipment
During the practical live-aboard weeks on the yachts, your transport to and from Saldanha Bay and back to Cape Town, meals and accommodation are included.

On shore accommodation, food and transport is not included during off days and shore-based courses.

Please note:
RYA fees below are paid Directly to the RYA in the UK via Credit Card.
• £ 200 GBP – RYA Fees for Yachtmaster Offshore Examination
• £ 60 GBP – RYA Fees for SRC Radio Certificate
• £ 34.50 GBP – RYA Fees for Commercial Endorsement

This program prepares you for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Practical Exam.



  • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Theory (Sail and Motor Cruising)
  • RYA Radar
  • RYA Coastal Skipper Practical
  • Mile Building and Skills Development
  • Preparation and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Practical Exam



RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory (Sail and Motor Cruising)
The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Theory course is an Advanced Course in Chartwork, Navigation, Meteorology for Candidates of the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore Exams.
The Theory Course is the Same for Motor and Sail.

Duration: 7 days

This Includes:
• Fixing Position and circle of uncertainty
• Tidal streams, Dead Reckoning and Estimated Position
• Magnetic Compass
• Buoyage and Lights
• Pilotage
• Electronic Navigational aids/ echo sounders / logs and deck log
• Meteorology
• Secondary Ports
• Calculating bridge clearances
• International Regulations for the Prevention at Collision at Sea
• Safety at Sea
• Conduct and behavior of vessels operating in or near conditions of restricted visibility
• Passage Planning
• Marine environment

RYA Yachtmaster Coastal practical
Put your theoretical knowledge from the Coastal/ Offshore Theory certification into practice as you take to the seas and improve your skills. While living aboard the yacht, you will get a chance to practice your seamanship, boat handling, heavy weather tactics, night sailing, coastal navigation and leadership/Skippering skills.
These weeks are also there for you to obtain your 60-mile skippered passages required for the RYA Offshore Practical Exam.

Duration: 5-7 days – weather dependent

This includes:

• Passage Planning
• Preparation for Sea
• Pilotage
• Passage-making and Ability as Skipper
• Yacht Handling under Power
• Yacht Handling under Sail
• Adverse Weather Conditions
• Emergency Situations

Mile Building including Skippered Passages plus Skills & Development

The Skills Development and Mile Building place the emphasis on practical navigational experience by visiting as many ports as possible, going in and out of harbours along the coast.
This gives you the extra boat handling and skippering experience that you need, in some of the most challenging conditions in the world, rather than just 1 long passage.

You will also have the opportunity to gain all the mileage, sea time and night hours required for your RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Exams.
Including days as the Skipper, 60 mile passages and 60 mile passages as the Skipper required for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Qualification.
All the mileage gained during these trips will be signed off in your Logbook.

The Skills Development will take you along some of the most unspoilt and beautiful coastlines in South Africa, including both the wonders of the cold waters of the west coast and the temperate waters of the well-known east coast.

Let us know exactly what pre-examination requirements you are needing before you join the Mile Building course so that we can ensure that you gain the necessary during the weeks aboard.

Course Content:
• Passage planning
• Preparation for sea
• Pilotage
• Passage making and ability as skipper
• Yacht handling under power
• Yacht handling under sail
• Adverse weather conditions Emergency situations

Exam Preparation week
This is unique within the RYA training framework in that it does not have a fixed course syllabus, length or course completion certificate. However, RYA Yachtmaster preparation training is generally 5 days long and followed by the practical exam.

The School and the Instructor will expect that you have all the pre-requisities to be eligible for an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam. In addition, they will be expecting a suitably experienced skipper and yachtsman/woman who can competently handle a boat under sail in close-quarter situations and at sea and has a depth of knowledge equivalent to that gained from attending an RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased course. Most importantly, this knowledge should have been applied in a variety of situations during day and night passages.

You are required to have an RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory certificate and an RYA Radar certificate before attending.

Duration: 5 days plus 2 days for the exam.

Pre-exam Requirements:
To be eligible to take the Practical examination, candidates must be aged 18 or over and require:
• A Radio Operator’s Qualification – RYA SRC VHF Radio certificate
• A valid first aid certificate – ie Elementary First Aid Certificate
• Seatime – 50 days, 2,500 miles within 10 years prior to the examination, including at least 5 passages over 60 miles, acting as skipper for at least two of these passages and including two which have involved overnight passages. 5 days experience as a skipper. At least half the qualifying seatime must have been accrued in tidal waters.

Qualifying passages for RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and Offshore must be anon-stop, by the shortest navigate route with no change of skipper. Passages such as recognised races which may not comply exactly with these requirements may be submitted to the RYA for approval before the voyage.
Training skippers undertaking 60-mile passages are strongly advised to take a Coastal Skipper course first.

This Includes:
• International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
• Safety
• Boat Handling
• General seamanship, including maintenance
• Responsibilities of the Skipper
• Navigation
• Meteorology
• Signals

After completing your preparation, you attend a two-day assessment, given by an RYA appointed examiner.

Exam Duration:
The exam will take about 8-12 hours for one candidate and between 5-9 hours per candidate where more than one candidate is being examined.
Candidates will be set tasks to allow them to demonstrate their ability as skipper of an offshore cruising yacht cruiser and may also be asked questions on any part of the syllabus for all courses except RYA Yachtmaster Ocean.


Contact us on +27 21 788 1009 or email if you would like to join the 18 Week RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Career package or for just this course

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