Commercial Requirements

Commercial Requirements

You are required to complete STCW and RYA Online PPR courses as well as an ENG1 Medical Examination should you wish to work on commercial vessels in any maritime industry.


STCW certificates are internationally recognized marine safety certificates, which are required to work on commercial vessels in any maritime industry. The modules include Elementary First Aid, Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention, Personal Survival Techniques with Proficiency in Life Raft, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities and Proficiency in Designated Security Duties.

Duration: 11 days (12 days if you would like to obtain a SAMSA Commercial Ticket by obtaining the STCW Medical First Aid at Sea Certificate).

RYA Online PPR (Professional Practices and Responsibilities)

This online course is compulsory for new and re-validating RYA Commercial Endorsement holders and is broken down into four modules (Commercial environment, People, Vessel and Purpose) that will aid in your ability to care for and ensure the safety of other crew members and passengers, no matter how big the ship.

Current fees payable to us: R1,200.00 for registration

ENG 1 Medical Examination

(Recommended pre-course requirement)
This Internationally accredited and recognized medical check up is vital to further your career on commercial vessels in the yachting and super yachting industries. Only medicals conducted by an MCA approved Doctor (not a general practitioner) will be accepted.

Fees: Currently R2,800.00 (paid directly to the Doctor).

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