ENG1 MCA Seafarers Medical

Where can I get an ENG1 medical exam?

Only MCA-approved doctors can perform an ENG1 medical exam, so it’s not always as straightforward as visiting your local GP. Fortunately, there are numerous MCA-approved doctors around the UK that can carry out your ENG1 medical. You can also find a handful of approved doctors in most of the countries you would likely be looking to seek crew work (France, Spain, USA, etc.), giving you greater choice and flexibility.

Fees: R2,800.00 with an annual increase of 10%.

What to take to an ENG1 examination?

  • A form of photo ID (passport, South African Identity
  • Your current ENG1 (if applicable)
  • The name, address and contact details 
  • Any correspondence from your GP, if you’ve recently been to hospital
  • A list of any medication(s) you are taking
  • Your glasses/contact lenses (if you wear them)
  • Fees

What does an ENG1 examination entail?

As nerve-racking as the prospect of a medical examination is, don’t worry. An ENG1 examination is painless, non-invasive and carried out with minimal fuss by a medical professional.

A standard ENG1 examination will include:

  • Measuring your height and weight
  • A standard eye test
  • A colour blindness test
  • A hearing test
  • Ear and throat evaluations
  • Teeth/gums inspection
  • Questions on your medical history, drinking habits, etc.
  • A urine sample (to test kidney functionality and blood sugar)
  • Reflex testing
  • Listening to your heart and lungs, testing blood pressure and heart rate
  • Hernia testing (asking you to cough while gently pressing your abdomen)

The speed of the exam can depend on the doctor and location, but everything should be done and dusted within 30 to 40 minutes. If you pass, you should be issued with your ENG1 certificate straight away so you can be on your way!

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