Upgrade to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

Do you have your RYA Day Skipper level of Competence?

Do you have all the required mileage under sail and in tidal waters as required by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association in the UK) for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore ?

If so, you are welcome to join our  RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Upgrade program which includes:

  • 7 days RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory
  • 6 days RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper Practical
  • 1 day RYA Radar
  • 7 days Exam Preparation followed by 2 days RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Practical Exam.

The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Exam thoroughly tests the Skipper’s ability and can therefore appear daunting to potential students, but well-prepared Skippers with the proper experience and training need not worry. With practice and preparation, you should be able to relax sufficiently to let your skills shine through any Exam nerves.

The content of the RYA Day Skipper Theory & Practical Weeks are Vital as these are the foundation of your training and are needed to ensure that your Boat handling (including picking up a mooring and man over board) and Theoretical knowledge (including Chartwork, COLREGS and Meteorology) are up to standard in order to continue to an RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Standard.

We need to be sure that you are ready to start at RYA Coastal/Offshore Theory and that you know how to work out CTS and Depth and Dr/EP.

If you feel you’re not ready to start at RYA Coastal Level, we recommend that you start with RYA Day Skipper Theory.

Pre-Exam Requirements for RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail Exam

  • 50 Days Sea Time.
  • 5 Days as Skipper.
  • 2,500 Nautical Miles – Half of which must be in Tidal Waters under sail.
  • 5 Passages over 60nm, including 2 Overnight and 2 as the Skipper.
  • NB: (You need to already have 1 x 60nm passage as Skipper Before joining the Upgrade – or if you don’t already have a 60-mile passage as skipper, then you can join another Coastal Practical or Mileage trip).
  • A Copy of First Aid Certificate
  • A Copy of your RYA SRC VHF Radio Certificate
  • A Copy of your RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Theory Course Completion Certificate
  • Logbook to Show Mileage to Examiner
  • 2 Passport Size Colour Photos
  • Credit Card Details for your RYA fees for your RYA Certificates.

For your Mileage to be Accepted by the RYA:

  • Your mileage needs to be from within the last 10 years which must be logged and signed off by the Skipper. Please provide us with a copy of your logbook upon enquiry.
  • Your mileage needs to be gained Under Sail on a Sailing Yacht with tidal miles (ie not all gained in the Med)
  • The Sailing yacht needs to be less than 24m / 79ft or 200gt

Commercial Endorsement

Should you require your RYA Certificate of Competence endorsed for work on Commercial Vessels you will need the following certificates:

  • The full STCW Courses :
    • Elementary First Aid at Sea
    • Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
    • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility at Sea
    • Personal Survival Techniques with Proficiency in Life Raft
    • Competency in Designated Security Duties 
  • The ENG 1 Medical Examination – This is a medical for seaworthy fitness done at a doctor in Cape Town (R2,800.00 payable directly to the doctor).
  • RYA Online PPR (Personal Practices and Social Responsibility) test – we can assist you with this 

Venue: Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town for shore based training and Yachtport SA in Langebaan / Saldanha Bay for practical training in tidal waters.

During the practical live-aboard courses on the yachts, food and accommodation will be included.

Included in the Course fees are:

  • Training material for the week, if applicable.

The use of books, tools and equipment necessary for training:

  • Calculator
  • Plotter
  • Divider
  • RYA Training Almanac (Southern Hemisphere)
  • South African List of Lights and Radio Signals
  • Symbols and Abbreviations used on South African Charts
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs)

We will also provide you with the following which you will be able to keep:

  • Personal Logbook
  • Yachtmaster Sailing School pen and pencil
  • 72-page blank quad exercise book
  • Blank almanac pages for theory.

You will have full use of RYA Reference Books and navigation equipment.

Fees exclude:

  • RYA fees – payable directly to them
    • £60 – RYA Fees for SRC Radio Certificate – You would need to register for this course online and pay the RYA directly.
    • £224 – RYA Fees for RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Examination.
    • £35 – RYA Fees for Commercial Endorsement of Certificates of Competence.
  • ENG1 Medical Examination R2,600.00-R2,900.00 (payable directly to the Doctor)
  • STCW – 11 days 
  • RYA PPR – online course required for commercial endorsement 
  • Accommodation and meals for shore-based courses, time off and any time in Cape Town apart from when on board for a practical course.


Students are required to bring the following on their first day with Yachtmaster Ocean Sailing School:

  • R1,500.00 CASH deposit /security for any loss or damage to yachts, equipment etc. At the end of your training, if no loss or damage has been noted, the deposit will be returned to you in cash.
  • R100 CASH deposit for a temporary access card to Royal Cape Yacht Club. Students are requested to make their way directly to the reception on their first day and pay the deposit and receive the card. At the end of your training, please return the card to Reception where the deposit will be returned to you.
  • Colour passport photographs for the following certificates: SRC Radio, RYA Day Skipper Practical, RYA Coastal Skipper Practical, Prep & Exam (x2), Commercial Endorsement Application, RYA Powerboat level 2.
  • A sleeping bag for practical courses, alternatively this can be ordered and purchased from Yachtmaster and will be ready for you on your arrival. Costs R500.
  • Foul weather clothing, for practical on-board courses, alternatively this can be ordered and purchased from Yachtmaster and will be ready for you on your arrival. (10% discount offered only to our booked students).

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