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If you are serious about learning to sail and following a possible career in the Professional Yachting Industry, our Yachtmaster Offshore Package provides you with the standard internationally recognized qualifications and skills needed to succeed and become an expert Yachtsman.

With no prior experience, this course takes you through all of the RYA and Y.O.S.S training modules up to Yachtmaster Offshore, along with a number of additional short courses, training and commercial endorsement requirements to ensure a high level of capability and confidence. You will receive 2500+ nautical miles and +/- 750 hours of thorough sail training for your RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam.

This is a major package involving a large amount of invested time, energy, commitment and money. At Yachtmaster we include additional training weeks to ensure you leave our program as prepared as possible. As times have changed the journey to achieving an Yachtmaster Offshore CoC have become shorter. In some places, it’s even possible to complete this in ten weeks. We believe that a minimum of 15 weeks is required to produce a solid reliable candidate. We have a quiet concrete global reputation as a school that does its best to ensure an excellent yachtsman emerges from our program.

Upon successful completion of this package, you will receive a commercially endorsed RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence, which is valid for use as a Master of yachts up to 200gt in Category 1 waters (150nm from a safe haven).

  • S.T.C.W             Elementary First Aid at Sea, Fire Fighting at Sea, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Personal Survival Techniques & Proficiency in Life Raft, Competency in Security Awareness level 1
  • R.Y.A                 Competent crew practical
  • R.Y.A                 V.H.F/S.R.C
  • R.Y.A                 Day Skipper Theory
  • R.Y.A                 Diesel Engine Course
  • R.Y.A                 Day Skipper Practical
  • R.Y.A                 Powerboat level II
  • Y.O.S.S              Day Skipper Advanced
  • R.Y.A                 Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory
  • Y.O.S.S              Indian Ocean Sailing Adventure (IOSA)
  • R.Y.A                 Yachtmaster Coastal Practical/Skippered Passages
  • Y.O.S.S              Skippered Passages and Mile Building
  • R.Y.A                 Yachtmaster Exam Preparation Week
  • R.Y.A                 Yachtmaster Exam Preparation Week & Practical Exam
  • R.Y.A                 R.A.D.A.R Course
  • Y.O.S.S              Deckhand Course
15 weeks
• RYA theory packs and certificates.
• Your personal RYA logbook.
• Food, accommodation and use of wet weather gear during the 11 practical live-aboard weeks on the yachts.
• Temporary membership at the Royal Cape Yacht Club.
• Temporary membership at all other clubs and marinas visited.
R2000 ENG1 Medical Exam (recommended pre-course requirement)
£ 60 GBP - R.Y.A V.H.F/S.R.C - Assessment Fee
£ 200 GBP -R.Y.A Yachtmaster Coastal Examination
£ 33 GBP - R.Y.A Commercial Endorsement
During the 3 Theory weeks and short courses, 42 nights' accommodation on-shore is required in Cape Town. We can recommend good Backpacker accommodation.

Contact us on +27 21 788 1009 or email if you would like to join the 18 Week RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Career package or for just this course

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